't Achterhuis has a permanent collection of extraordinary floor tiles.

Antique and old floor tiles

‘t Achterhuis offers you one of the largest ranges of antique tiled floors and every week, if not daily, our range is supplemented. Sometimes these old tiles are referred to as old-fashioned tiles, but given the enormous demand and applications in modern buildings, these are anything but old-fashioned tiles. Our tiles are used in all kinds of rooms: from large areas in spas and farms to detailed finishes in the bathroom.

Types of antique floor tiles and materials

Many of the old tiles in our range are actually antique and come from, for example, old monasteries or castles, also called monastery tiles or castle floors. These antique floor tiles are often offered in a recuperated state. Other old tiled floors are not that old at all, but are made old and are as good as real antique tiles in terms of quality and looks. Two renowned brands in this area are Castle Stones and RAW Stones. To make the search for the antique tile a little easier, we have already made a handy subdivision for you.

Antique Tiles

A common old fired floor tile is referred to as antique tile or screed and is available in many types, sizes and colours. Often these are old and antique Dutch, Belgian and French tiles. The colours vary from nuanced terracotta tiles to red tiles and from blue tiles to grey tiles. Sometimes there are yellow tiles, called blanche et jaune.

Belgian bluestone

Many old floor tiles are made of natural stone, such as Belgian bluestone. Belgian bluestone floor tiles are also called bluestone, bluestone, or Pierre Bleue. ‘t Achterhuis has many antique and beautiful outdated floor tiles in its range. It is a sustainable tile that is often used in both authentic buildings and modern homes.

Antique marble and natural stone floors

In addition to Belgian bluestone floors, you will find old natural stone tiles under the category Antique marble. As the name suggests, these are mostly antique marble floors from, for example, the popular black marble church halls or basicle.

Burgundian Dalles

Burgundian valleys consist of French white stone, also called limestone. We have these in many versions. From the original old and antique Burgundian stone to very beautiful copies such as the original Castle Stones or RAW Stones. But also new tiles from existing quarries that are aged by hand.

Motif tiles

Still very popular are the old tiles with motif or pattern tiles, mostly from France and Portugal. Besides sanitary facilities also very popular in the hall. They are also called Jugenstill tiles and can be either cement tiles or ceramic tiles.

Antique example floors

‘t Achterhuis has more than 100 grades of old tiles and antique floors in stock of various materials, with various motifs, in different sizes and in different price categories. A part of our showroom consists of example floors. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to come and admire the old tiled floors in real life. You can then choose your own party together with our warehouse manager. You can always choose to lay our antique floor tiles yourself or have them laid by our skilled floor layers.

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