Old wooden floors

Old wooden floors

Our old wooden floors are mostly from old barracks, castles, country houses, monasteries and farms in France. Also in other parts of Europe we find beautiful items for our collection of old wooden floors. Every week, if not every day, we renew our range. Besides the 18th and 19th century floorboards, we also have a beautiful collection of outdated wooden floors. Thanks to the correct processing of our craftsmen, these old wooden floors can be precisely matched to any interior.

Old wooden parquet floors and floorboards

In short, our range of old wooden floors can be divided into 2 types of floors: old parquet floors and floorboards. The old parquet floors generally consist of narrow planks that are glued or nailed in various patterns. A solid wooden plank floor usually consists of larger planks that are glued next to each other or sometimes also placed floating. Larger planks refer to both wide and longer planks. Of course, there are also all kinds of variations to think of, such as a pattern floor with wide planks.

Old oak floor

The old wooden floors that ‘t Achterhuis sells are generally old oak floors. In the past, oak was already used for various applications and for the following characteristics:

  • special colour and beautiful grain
  • strong wood
  • easy to edit
  • also for outdoor applications

In addition to flooring, oak was even used in shipbuilding. This shows how strong and robust an old oak floor is. Some of the old floorboards sold by ‘t Achterhuis come from old train wagons and are also called wagon parts. This also says enough about the strong oak wood.

Monastery floors, castle floors and church floors

Above the old oak planks from train wagons were also mentioned, but there is also a lot of talk about monastery floors or old wooden castle floors or church floors. This often refers to rough and wide, old wooden plank floors. Especially the term monastery floor is very popular.

Old wooden floors at the ‘t Achterhuis

We have more than 100 old and outdated wooden floors in stock. ‘t Achterhuis has its own workshop where the old wooden floors can be processed, so that they fit exactly into your interior. It is also possible to have the old wooden floor boards emptied by our skilled floor layers. Of course you can also take care of this yourself. For the complete, current offer, please visit our showroom in Udenhout. We look forward to welcome you!

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