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Burgundian dalles

Burgundian dalles

Burgundian dalles, Burgundian white stone or simply ‘dalles’ is a collective name for the French limestone from the region of Burgundy. This is a more exclusive natural stone which is known for its beautiful color shades and often has a coarse structure. This gives the Burgundian dalles therefore immediately a rural and authentic, warm appearance. The remarkable thing about the Burgundian dalles and many other types of natural stone is that they become more beautiful through use over the years.


Burgundy dalles are available in various sizes, colors and finishes ranging from sleek with a modern look to aged with a rustic look and even antiques. Some differences in designs are listed below:

From small 15x15cm drummed dalletjes to large Romanesque patterns.
Often light colors, such as cream, sand color or light gray.
Mostly square shape, but also hexagonal or in combination with cubes/cabochons.
Suitable for running bonds or wild.
Original or recuperation.
Originally, dalles were always laid in a wild state, but Burgundian dalles can also be sorted in advance on roughly equal widths and thus laid in lanes. The color schemes are therefore often light shades. The exact color of the dalles depends on the region they come from. The old dalles are becoming more and more scarce and are more expensive than the new versions because they have to be broken out, cleaned and sorted again. Because there are still quarries in France, new ones are also made. These Burgundian dalles are often aged to give an old, antique or rustic look. Sometimes it is difficult to see the differences and let you know.

Burgundian dalles for any interior

Often Burgundian dalles are used for the living room, hall or kitchen. In addition to the advantages of a tiled floor, the beautiful antique and rustic French limestone dalles give any interior a light, spacious and timeless look. Because of the different designs there is always a right match. Burgundian dalles are very easy to maintain. ‘t Achterhuis recommends the Superfix wax. This makes it easy to impregnate dalles and keep them beautiful for a long time.

Burgundian dalles example floors

We have more than 100 types of old and antique floor tiles in stock, including about 30 types of burgundy dalles. In our showroom we have several large example floors with Burgundian halls in various finishes. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom and admire the Burgundian valleys in real life.

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