We owe our beautiful fireplaces to the great French rulers of yesteryear.

‘t Achterhuis has a permanent collection of about 350 fireplaces. The range is continuously supplemented with special objects from all over the world. The range of fireplaces on offer comes mainly from France because a number of major French rulers, including Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis VI, had taken notice of this. They let the best hairdressers come to the court to provide all palaces with beautiful French fireplaces. This trend was of course also picked up by rich nobles and wealthy families, making France the largest source for our supply of old and antique fireplaces.

Types of decorative fireplaces and materials

In short, decorative fireplaces can be divided into 2 types: conversion fireplaces and additional fireplaces. However, it is often possible to convert a marble fireplace into a marble extension fireplace.

In the past there were many fireplaces in large buildings. This was the heat source to heat all rooms. The old fireplaces in these rooms do not differ much from each other. However, a kitchen fireplace is often specifically named. These are often slightly smaller. Especially used to create a nice atmosphere in the kitchen.

In addition to the shape and location, it is the material that makes the difference in the various fireplaces on offer. Roughly speaking, fireplaces can be made of 2 types of material, namely natural stone and wood.

The group of natural stone fireplaces is by far the largest with us, namely around 300 fireplaces. A natural stone fireplace can then consist of various known types of stone:

  • bluestone, often from Belgium, or a Belgian bluestone chimney
  • sandstone, limestone or white stone
  • marble, often from Italy or France
  • marble stone, solid marble

The material type of the natural stone fireplace in question gives the old ornamental fireplace its own unique look. For example, the marble fireplaces often have beautiful colour fans with unique patterns and the fireplaces have a smooth structure. These decorative fireplaces are often placed in the more classic interiors. A sandstone fireplace usually has a light, even colour and often gives a robust impression. A (Belgian) bluestone chimney falls between these models as far as the characteristics and properties are concerned.

Place an old chimney

All the fireplaces are fully checked, cleaned, if necessary restored and pre-assembled by our own expert restorers. Often the decorative fireplaces still consist of 4 to 5 parts. Of course ‘t Achterhuis provides professional advice, also for placing the chimney. If desired, professional chimney builders can also take care of the installation. They have years of experience in placing antique fireplaces in combination with a fireplace or stove. There are also plenty of possibilities for a fireplace with, for example, an electric fire or bio-burner.

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