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Marmeren tegels en tegelvloeren

Marble is a natural stone that we see a lot in old building materials, including tile floors. This is because it is a durable, hard and beautiful natural stone. ‘t Achterhuis has several old marble tiles and complete marble tile floors in stock. 2 common marble floor tiles are Carrara tiles and travertine floor tiles.

Carrara marble tiles

Carrara is a city in northwestern Tuscany (Italy) and is known for its marble quarries. A Carrara marble floor tile is often recognizable by its white color.

Carrara marble, like all marble, is a metamorphosed limestone that has been exposed to heat and pressure under the earth’s surface for millions of years. Carrara marble is nowadays used in many forms indoors, such as window sills, worktops and Carrara floor tiles. The white Carrara marble is particularly desirable for its clean and aesthetic qualities.

Travertine floor tiles

Travertine, Travertino or Travertine marble is characterized by warm hues ranging from a warm beige color to a deep brown glow. Travertine marble is a type of limestone that was formed in lime-saturated water from hot springs. All kinds of organic materials, such as twigs and leaves, are digested in this water and cause the characteristic ‘pores’ in this natural stone. An important travertine site is the town of Tivoli, east of Rome.


Marble floor tiles are available in many shapes, including:

  • Often Belgian, French or Italian marble, including Travertine or Carrara marble
  • From rustic white to colorful marble tile floors
  • Many straight cut shapes
  • Possible to combine with Belgian bluestone
  • Old marble example floors

We have more than 100 authentic old tile floors in stock, including about 20 marble tile floors. In our showroom we have several large example floors with marble tiles in various finishes. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to come and admire the tile floors in real life. You can then choose the parties together with our warehouse manager. By the way, you can always choose to lay the old marble tiles yourself or by our skilled floor layers.

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