An antique or old fireplace is only complete with the right fireplace accessories.

An antique or old fireplace is only complete with the right fireplace accessories. Usually these fireplace accessories can also be used with a wood-burning stove. Then there is talk about wood stove accessories. The different fireplace accessories are briefly discussed below.


Surely the most popular fireplace accessory is a beautiful antique fireplace backplate. Not only does it protect the back wall from cracking and crumbling, but it is also a beautiful piece of ‘jewelry’ for any interior. A fireplate is also called a stove plate. A stove plate retains the heat and gives off heat, even when the fire is extinguished.


Andirons are also called firebucks or simply fire irons. They provide better aeration and combustion. The elevation ensures that air can reach the fire from all sides. Also, the logs cannot just roll out of the fireplace. In addition to these practical functions, firebucks also serve simply as decoration.

Fire grates

Whether or not in combination with firebucks, a fire grate is also a common fireplace accessory. The grate is placed in the fireplace, on which the logs can be placed. The grate ensures a good, even combustion.

Fire screens

A fire screen, also called a spark shield or splash shield, provides extra safety in front of a fireplace or stove. It stops sparks. In addition, a fire screen is available in very nice designs and therefore enhances the atmosphere in the living room.


Finally, there are also several fireplace tools that can be used to regulate the fire. Think of a poker, fire tongs and a brush. Usually these tools are offered as a set, which means that they are referred to as a stove or fireplace set.

Fireplace accessories at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a huge collection of more than 500 fireplace accessories, such as backplates, firebucks and fire sets. Only a small part of our assortment can be viewed online, so to select the right fireplace accessories and possibly other antique building materials it is best to visit our showroom in Udenhout!

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