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Lefroy Brooks

Lefroy Brooks is a very exclusive sanitary brand and is based in England. This British world brand produces, among other things, luxury faucets of high quality with all the techniques and conveniences of today, but with the looks of the past. All basic materials are high quality. For example, the marble baths, washbasins and toilet blocks are produced in Massa and Carrara. Lefroy Brooks’ range of products is based on various historical periods and begins in Victorian times around 1900. This is followed by French influences. Around 1930 there is the Art Deco period and around 1940 the hand applied black lacquer is very characteristic. In the fifties there is a more west coast streamlined style, reminiscent of the great American cars. The final minimalist range of Lefroy Brooks is made of solid stainless steel and can be called classic and timeless.

The beautifully designed nostalgic sanitary wares includes the following product groups.

  • taps
  • shower combinations
  • marble sinks
  • toilets and bidets
  • baths
  • bathroom furniture
  • kitchen taps
  • radiators

In addition to the above product groups, the Lefroy Brooks range includes an extensive collection of accessories to furnish and dress your kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

Exclusive and luxurious taps

A large part of sanitary ware consists of taps. This is also the case at Lefroy Brooks. These are not just faucets, but very luxurious faucets of exclusive materials, techniques and treatments. All luxury faucets are cast, polished and assembled by hand. The exclusive taps are suitable for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

Lefroy Brooks at ‘t achterhuis

We have a large range of sanitary products that can be delivered partly from stock, including the entire collection of Lefroy Brooks. ‘t Achterhuis does not offer a Lefroy Brooks webshop, but has a part online for inspiration. In our physical showroom we have several example bathrooms and kitchens that are finished with Lefroy Brooks. We also offer matching sanitary items, such as authentic wall tiles, cast iron baths and natural stone sinks, to complete your bathroom or kitchen. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to admire the Lefroy Brooks sanitary items and Kenny & Mason in real life.

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