't Achterhuis has a permanent collection of very special garden items and garden ornaments.

‘t Achterhuis has a large assortment of garden items and garden accessories, which can be divided into the following product categories. Mostly these are antique and older objects that we collect from places all over the world.


The lighting product group includes various antique outdoor lamps and other nostalgic outdoor lighting, such as a cast iron lamppost or old wall lamp. With the right lighting it is possible to provide every outdoor space with just that little bit of extra atmosphere.

Troughs, basins and wells

This product category consists mostly of old stone troughs, mostly in the form of wells and troughs, or feeding troughs or drinking troughs. These items are used as eye-catchers in the garden or are sometimes even restored to their old function.

Fountains and water pumps

Water fountains come in many forms, such as wall fountains, gargoyles, water bowls and water pumps. These are made of all kinds of materials, each with its own characteristics. For example, the stone wall fountains and the cast iron water pumps are still very popular.

Garden sculptures

Our garden statues are mainly set up in the show garden and certainly worth a visit. Here you will find more than 100 large garden statues, ranging from a stone lion to a bronze angel on a pedestal.

Garden ornaments

A garden ornament is literally a decoration for the garden and that can be done with many objects. This product category consists mainly of pedestals and pillars or columns, corner posts, old millstones and antique wind irons or sundials.

Garden furniture

Also for unique garden furniture is ‘t Achterhuis worth a visit. In this category you will find large garden tables with, for example, a Belgian bluestone tabletop. But also cast iron garden benches and French garden furniture.

Vases and pots

A garden is not complete without decorative vases and pots. Think of a set of stone garden pots at the entrance of your garden or a cast iron garden vase on a pedestal. The Anduze pots should also be considered.

Buying garden items at ‘t Achterhuis in Udenhout

‘t Achterhuis has a changing collection of more than 1000 items and of course it is best to come and see them in real life. The website is only for inspiration and contains only a part of our offer. Most of our garden items are displayed in our show garden in Udenhout where we are happy to provide you with the best advice!

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