't Achterhuis has a permanent collection of extraordinary interior furniture

Antiques often sound corny to the ears. Officially, this term also applies to products that are more than 50 years old. However, with an antique interior what’s meant is mainly the appearance of an old interior and can consist of old and new furniture or home accessories. For example, there are several brands that offer new items with an old character, such as Hoffz interiors. An antique interior is also often used in combination with brocante or rural. Other terms are: aged, lived through, rustic, nostalgic or vintage.

Antique furniture

Roughly speaking, a rural or antique interior consists of antique furniture and home accessories. ‘t Achterhuis offers a wide variety of furniture.

  • tables: dining tables, side tables or site-tables, bar tables, hanging tables, wine tables, monastery tables
  • chairs: dining chairs, armchairs, bucket seats, stools, benches
  • Chesterfield banks
  • cabinets: sideboards, display cabinets, bookcases, sideboards, pharmacy cabinets, TV cabinets, glass cabinets
  • complete furnishings: store fittings, café fittings

Antique home accessories

The category antique home accessories includes all other decorative elements in an antique interior and can range from a large gold mirror to a beautiful fruit bowl. On the website the lighting and mirrors have been given a separate category, but for the entire range of antique or country home accessories we welcome you in Udenhout. Here you can discover, among other things, the most beautiful from the following categories:

  • lighting: hanging lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps
  • mirrors
  • paintings
  • clocks
  • coat racks
  • religious art
  • antique mortars
  • cast iron objects
  • marble objects
  • old utensils, such as scales
  • tribal art
  • nature decoration

Antique interior at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis in Udenhout has a large collection of antique interiors with various furniture and home accessories. It is not a typical home furnishing store, but you are guaranteed to find special pieces of furniture or objects that are displayed over an area of more than 30,000 m2. Here we present dozens of rooms with various antique interiors and rural modern configurations, but also tighter spaces. See the category impressions showroom for a first impression.

Achter-Huis-Collection Huge collection of unique finds
30.000m² Experience To see is to be inspired
Socially responsible Environmentally friendly through reuse