Our history — An antique hobby since 1965

We have been around for more than half a century. And more than 55 years of entrepreneurship has of course resulted in beautiful pictures and stories. Each and every one of those memories we cherish and want to share with pride.


(Lam)Bert van Alebeek is a baker’s servant at his father’s bakery at the Kreitenmolenstraat nr 60. After baking Bert goes to deliver. Fresh bread is exchanged for old (building) materials and antiques to settle outstanding bills. Bert sells these materials to renowned antique dealers. Bert gradually resells more to private customers.



Two months after the unexpected death of his father, Bert closes the old bakery. He continues buying and selling antiques and building materials.


The stock is growing steadily and ‘t Achterhuis is moving into the large grounds of contractor Harrie Brekelmans at the Kreitenmolenstraat nr 90. Behind the new house came the first showroom. The name ‘t Achterhuis was chosen.



Frank van Alebeek, at the time already experienced as a teenager, comes to work at ‘t Achterhuis. The range of products and the number of employees is expanded considerably. The showroom is rebuilt.


Also Kreitenmolenstraat 92 is purchased, with the land of the neighbors. Large sheds with workshops are built. There will also be an extra showroom.



When the construction and renovations were finished, the reopening followed. Time for a party!


‘t Achterhuis continues to grow. Another expansion will follow. On the industrial area the “Kreitenmolen” a large warehouse with expedition space is built.



Frank van Alebeek takes over ‘t Achterhuis from his father Bert van Alebeek. Meanwhile ‘t Achterhuis sells much more than just old building materials. It now delivers everything in the field of contemporary building and living.


Another expansion. This time at Houtsestraat 119 in Udenhout, for the storage of recuperated bricks and large garden ornaments.



The Kreitenmolenstraat 83b is purchased. On this large terrain there used to be a sawmill. In time ‘t Achterhuis wants to center all its activities in the Kreitenmolenstraat.


After a year of building and rebuilding a lot has changed. The sheds were refurbished, a park was created and in the 125 year old sawmill there is now exhibition space for an exclusive collection of fireplaces. Most of the stock has already been transferred here.



‘t Achterhuis exhibits its large collection of old, but contemporary building materials, on no less than 30,000m², in the middle of the village center of Udenhout.
The assortment is now larger than ever. This year marks the company’s 50th anniversary. There are currently 15 passionate employees working with expertise.


Unfortunately, the world was struck by the Coronavirus. Several lockdowns followed. But behind the scenes we continued to work diligently with our website builder. Thus, something beautiful was still created in 2020!
We are proud of our new, super-modern website.



The garage next door, acquired in 2021, was finally put into use in 2022 after a thorough modification and renovation.
As of now, it serves as an additional showroom and storage for our interior inventory.

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