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Antique terracotta

Antique terracotta tiles, or estriken (formerly spelled as estrikken), are suitable for laying in any room and can be used perfectly with underfloor heating. Due to the wide variety of colors, finishes and sizes, our tiles are used in both old farms and modern new construction projects and in any room. Think of tiles for a living room, but also a hall or utility room. Our old tiles are mainly from the Netherlands and France. There is often talk about Dutch estriken, French terracotta tiles, Dutch farm tiles or farm tiles. Read more about the available designs below.


In addition to the origin, a distinction can also be made between machine- and hand-formed tiles. The hand-formed tiles are often several hundred years old and often available in the following typical color combinations:

  • salmon
  • blanche
  • purple
  • jaune
  • orange
  • red

Machine made tiles are younger and are available in virtually any color. By the way, some tiles are offered smothered or unsmothered. Smothered tiles have received an extra treatment in the smothering furnace. Often these are red colored tiles that get the popular gray tint.Some differences in designs are listed below:

machine-shaped or hand-shaped
17 to 20th century estriken
nuanced salmon color to smothered blue gray
glazed or unglazed
mostly square shape, but also in for example honeycomb, hexagon or combination with small bluestone cubes/cabochons
from Dutch farm tiles to small French estriken
Old tiles and terracotta example floors

We have more than 100 types of authentic and old floor tiles in stock, including about 50 types of terracotta tiles floors. In our showroom we have several large example floors with tiles in various colors. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to admire the tiles in real life. And you can actually choose your own lot together with our warehouse manager.

By the way, you can always choose to lay the old tiles or tiles yourself or have it done by one of our skilled floor layers. Terracotta tiles are very maintenance friendly. For maintenance we highly recommend our Superfix or Supermat.

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