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Patterned tiles and floor tiles with motif

Design tiles or pattern tiles are, as the name suggests, floor tiles with a special pattern. There are cement tiles, but also ceramic tiles. The pattern tiles are available in various sizes and designs. Some common motif tiles are:

  • French or Portuguese cement tiles
  • floral pattern pattern tiles
  • Art Nouveau motif tiles
  • star-shaped motif tiles or star tiles
  • mosaic tiles
    In the text below you will find additional information about some versions.

Antique French or Portuguese cement tiles?

Pattern tiles are usually available as cement tiles. In this case, the floor tiles with a motif in the base consist of cement with a special top layer. Usually crushed natural stone or marble is used for the top layer. By varying the materials and colors, almost every conceivable pattern or motif can be formed. In a stencil, marble powder is often poured with color and binding agent. This is then followed by cement mortar. After the stencil has been removed, it is pressed under high pressure. After a long drying period, the cement tile section is provided with a special wax protective layer. These cement tiles originate from France, but are also sold under the names Portuguese cement tiles, Moroccan tiles, mosaic tiles, decorative tiles or traditional tiles.

Art Nouveau tiles

Jugendstil pattern tiles come from the period around 1900. At the end of the 19th century, the industrial revolution caused an explosive growth in the number of inhabitants and that also brought with it the necessary diseases. Doctors therefore called for better hygiene and tiles were the perfect solution. This caused an enormous popularity of floor tiles and beautiful creations. Jugendstil floor tiles are known for their beautiful, original details with very specific patterns.

Motif tiles at the ‘t Achterhuis

We have more than 100 old and authentic floors in stock, including small batches and large batches of old motif tiles. The present collection varies greatly and on this page you can see some examples of tiles with motifs that have been there and tiles that are there now.

The old floor tiles with patterns are often available in limited editions. So you have a unique pattern tile with the look of the past. For the complete current stock it is best to visit our showroom in Udenhout. Here we offer new pattern tiles of top quality in nostalgic color schemes and motifs.

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