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Nature stone sinks

Natural stone sinks, troughs, washbasins or sinks are still immensely popular. Not for nothing, of course. A natural stone sink, for example, is available in a wide variety of models and colors and not only does it look very robust, but it is also virtually indestructible. The type of natural stone is of course decisive in this respect. Natural stone washbasins are used for various sanitary areas, such as bathrooms, toilets and washrooms. ‘t Achterhuis has about 300 unique old sinks in stock. Every sink is different.

Belgian bluestone washbasin

With a stone or hard stone sink almost always a Belgian bluestone sink is what been meant. Belgian bluestone is also called Arduin or bluestone and is recognizable by its blue/grey color. A Belgian bluestone sink can have this pronounced color to a greater or lesser extent. Because the stone is so hard and dense, it is also popularly called ‘petit granit’. A well-known French term is pierre bleue. By the way, this type of stone is also much confused with the real granite. But a granite sink or granite sink consists precisely of igneous rock and the creation of this natural rock is a completely different process.

Marble sink or basin

A very popular natural stone is still marble. ‘t Achterhuis therefore has various marble sinks or washbasins in its assortment. An advantage of marble sinks is that almost any color is possible. Yet again, white marble is often chosen. In that case the marble often comes from Carrara, a city in northwestern Tuscany (Italy), which is known for its marble quarries. Carrara marble, like all marble, is a metamorphosed limestone that has been exposed to heat and pressure under the earth’s surface for millions of years. The white Carrara marble is particularly desirable for its clean and aesthetic qualities, such as, of course, a marble sink. Besides Italian marble, there is also a lot of marble from Belgium and France that is used for sinks.

Old washbasin outside

Natural stone sinks are also very suitable for outdoor use. Sometimes old or old-fashioned sinks are placed outside purely for decoration. Such a washbasin is called a washtrough or washbasin. However, an outdoor sink can also be very useful for outdoor work at a company or in the garden. We also see more and more outdoor kitchens with natural stone sinks.

Natural stone sinks showroom

We have a large range of sanitary products that can be delivered partly from stock, including the entire collections of Lefroy Brooks and Kenny & Mason. Only a limited part of our offer is online for inspiration. In our physical showroom we have several example bathrooms and kitchens that are finished with natural stone sinks. By the way, we can also deliver the new natural stone sinks made to measure. We also offer matching sanitary items, such as wall tiles, cast iron baths and nostalgic taps to complete your bathroom or kitchen. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to admire the entire selection of sanitary ware in real life.

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