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Castle Stones

Inspired by the Renaissance, ancient ruins and monumental atmospheres, the Castle Stones are manufactured in an innovative way. Maurits Simonette revives old atmospheres with his exclusive, handmade Castle Stones. Castle Stones are cast, pressed and then given their historic appearance through a special finishing process. Because the stones are handmade and colored, each floor is unique.

Castle Stones models

The Castle Stone floors are available in 10 models, including:

  • Castle Stones Loft
  • Castle Stones Dalle
  • Castle Stones Bricks
  • Castle Stones Terra Stones
  • Each model is then available in 9 different color combinations.

The model Castle Stones Loft consists mainly of larger stones, which are burned and hammered by hand. This creates a sleek, old look.
Model series Castle Stones Dalle is constantly being expanded and is based on the famous authentic Burgundian dalles.
The Castle Stones Bricks is a reproduction of the old English and Dutch bricks. The original copies were also called Waaltjes.
Castle Stones Terra Stones are clay tiles that can also be seen in paintings by our master painters such as Rembrandt and van Gogh.

Advantages Castle Stones

Compared to natural stone tiles, Castle Stones offer the following advantages:

  • lightweight and therefore suitable for many applications
  • Easy to handle during transport, cutting and laying work
  • to be laid over wooden floors or as a wall covering
  • only 8mm thick
  • suitable for humid areas, such as bathrooms and spas
  • insensitive to light
  • wear-resistant
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • easy to clean and maintain

Castle Stones at ‘t Achterhuis

We have more than 100 grades of old and antique floor tiles in stock, including the entire collection of Castle Stones. In our showroom we have several large example floors with Castle Stones in various models and bandages. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to admire the Castle Stones or our other old floors in real life.

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