Country style kitchens

‘t Achterhuis is known for its antique and rural building materials and the demand for antique kitchens is growing rapidly. In most cases people are looking for a modern country kitchen or Old Dutch kitchen. In such an ‘old kitchen’ there are various styles possible, such as a modern country kitchen or more of a classic country kitchen. One of the characteristics is that these kitchens are made of wood and often old oak in particular. These solid oak kitchens have a robust and sturdy appearance with a modern and practical interior. In many cases, the choice is made to also show off the type of wood. Others opt for an application of color, in which a white country kitchen is the favorite. No two kitchens are the same, which is why they often opt for a customized country kitchen. Thus, one can choose a country kitchen, country kitchen with a U-shape or country kitchen with a cooking island. Of course, the entire kitchen can be finished with matching sink and handles.

Customized outdoor kitchen

The summers are getting better and better and the desire for an outdoor kitchen seems to grow as well. By the way, an outdoor kitchen is also used more and more in winter. Here too, the choice is often made for a robust wooden outdoor kitchen. Especially the temperature changes, but also sun, wind and carried particles provide an extra touch. For this reason, solid oak, including the interior, is often chosen. An oak outdoor kitchen with the right treatment can withstand this. Usually the choice is for a custom made outdoor kitchen with sink, but of course this is also possible without. Other equipment or materials can also be taken into account.

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