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Religious art

Every week, if not every day we update our range of antique furniture and special objects from all over the world. These objects come from various buildings, such as country houses, palaces, but also religious buildings such as churches and cathedrals. Religious art is therefore part of our collection and includes religious statues, candlesticks, old pulpits, tabernacles and baptismal fonts.

Religious statues and crucifixes

A large part of religious art consists of sculptures. These are mainly remnants of Catholic churches and cathedrals, but also ornaments from large gardens of former nobility and government buildings. We also regularly add antique crucifixes to our assortment. These crucifixes are often very elegantly finished and suitable for attaching to an exterior wall.

Religious art at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of religious art in stock. Online you can only find a part of it. For the best advice and the most up to date offer, it is best to visit our showroom in Udenhout. Here you will find various religious statues in our special sculpture garden, but also various religious art objects spread over the specially furnished showrooms and storage halls.

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