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Old and antique mirrors

‘t Achterhuis always has about 200 antique mirrors in stock in various sizes. Because such old mirrors almost always hang on the wall, the term ‘wall mirror’ is often used for this as well. The antique wall mirrors often still have the original glass! Our mirrors often come from France, from old mansions, castles and important public buildings. The old French mirrors often have beautiful decorations and ornaments with baroque style from the 17th and 18th century.

Golden mirror or rather silver?

Most antique mirrors have a wooden frame with gold leaf and are therefore simply called golden mirrors. Besides gold mirrors, silver mirrors are also very popular. The wooden frames ensure that antique wall mirrors are easy to handle. There are also old gold mirrors that have a metal frame. The weight soon increases which makes the mounting more difficult.

Large wall mirror or French chimney mirror?

It is clear that antique mirrors are available in many capacities at ‘t Achterhuis. Besides the different materials, colors and period, our visitors often have a preference for the shape and size. In particular, we see a great demand for large wall mirrors with a more practical rectangular shape. In smaller spaces, such as the bathroom or toilet, the small, round or oval mirrors are often used. Of course, everyone is free in the choice of the application of the antique mirror. However, there are some typical old mirrors to name:

  • crest mirror: antique mirror with a characteristic brocante crest on top
  • chimney mirror: typical mirror often placed above an antique chimney
  • fitting mirror: large but narrow mirror often used in the bedroom or hallway

Buy an antique mirror at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has quite a collection of old and antique mirrors, but also several other unique objects for your interior. Online you will find only a part of our antique mirrors. For the best advice and most current offer, please visit our showroom in Udenhout. Here we present a complete mirror room and we have several interior configurations in which antique mirrors are also a part.

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