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Hoffz interior

The Hoffz brand, as founder and designer Carola van der Weide herself points out, originated from a lack of beautiful furniture and accessories in the rural sober style. Hoffz Interieur combines beautiful, old finds with characterful, own designs. 95% of all Hoffz products are self-designed and are part of a total range of furniture and home accessories for each room:

  • Hoffz living room
  • Hoffz kitchen
  • Hoffz bathroom
  • Hoffz bedroom

Hoffz furniture and decorations guarantee quality, without serial work or mass production. Hoffz Interieur always works with solid and natural materials, such as wood, iron and glass. In addition, linen, cotton and velvet are chosen for the upholstery.

Hoffz furniture

Roughly speaking, the Hoffz assortment can be divided into Hoffz furniture, Hoffz lighting, and Hoffz accessories. Some popular furniture from Hoffz are sofas, dining tables and chairs. This furniture is known for its heavy quality. Also some more special pieces of furniture are designed, such as the famous Hoffz wine table and Hoffz wall rack.

Hoffz lamp and lighting

Also for the perfect Hoffz lamp you are at the right address at ‘t Achterhuis. The very diverse range of Hoffz lighting consists of, among other things: Hoffz floor lamp, Hoffz wall lamp, Hoffz hanging lamp iron, but also twilight lamps, table lamps and chandeliers.

Hoffz accessories

With Hoffz accessories you will make every space unique! This part of the Hoffz assortment consists of hundreds of products, ranging from a Hoffz pot, vase or jug to Hoffz cushions and from a Hoffz coat rack to Hoffz bell jar.

Hoffz online and in the store at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis is an official dealer of Hoffz and can be regarded as one of the Hoffz stores in the Netherlands. A part of Hoffz can be viewed online, but we would like to invite you to visit our showroom to see and feel Hoffz and other unique and antique inteurieur items in real life.

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