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With a complete 'fireplace experience', a fire screen should not be missing.

With a complete ‘fireplace experience’, a fire screen should not be missing. Not only are fire screens often beautifully designed and enhance the atmosphere in the living room, but a fire screen also has some important functions with regard to safety:

sparks: a fire screen ensures that sparks stay in the fire and do not splash on fire-sensitive materials, such as rugs or even clothes. It is not for nothing that a fire screen is also called a spark screen.
Separation: pets, children or, for example, toys stay outside the fireplace. Even if the fire is hot, an accident is always possible.
Heat: a fire screen or spark shield also protects against the worst heat. Especially when just a couple of new logs are thrown on the fire, this can be very nice.
Fire screen cast iron

The frame or rim of a fire screen is usually made of cast iron. The largest part is a fine mesh that keeps the sparks inside the fire, but allows the heat and oxygen to pass through. Cast iron is used for various fire accessories because of its heat resistance and small chance of deformation. Of course, this is never entirely preventable. Luckily, ‘t Achterhuis always has enough cast iron fire screens and other fireplace accessories in stock.

‘t Achterhuis has a wide range of fire screens. Both old and new. The pictures below are just a selection from our ever changing stock. Fire screens are available in various designs and sizes. With or without ornaments, consisting of one part, or as a triptych.

Antique fire screens showroom

‘t Achterhuis has an enormous collection of more than 500 fireplace accessories, including fire screens, but also, for example, fireplates, fire grates and andirons. The fire screens vary in size, color, origin and style and are executed with or without ornaments. Some fire screens also consist of one part, but we have also made fire screens as a diptych, triptych or even as a four-panel. The changing assortment can be viewed partly online, but to choose the right fire screen or fireplace accessories, it is best to visit our showroom in Udenhout. Here you can find all the facets for the perfect fireplace.

A fireplace set or fireplace toolset contains various fireplace tools that are useful or necessary to regulate a beautiful fire. Of course, a fireplace set also looks great with a fireplace or wood stove. The fireplace sets from ‘t Achterhuis date from the 17th to the 21st century and are available in various styles, mostly from France and England. Below you can read more about the different fireplace tools.

Fireplace tools

In order to operate the fireplace in the desired way, special fireplace tools have been used for hundreds of years. With these tools the fire can be made smaller or larger. Most fireplace sets also contain tools to keep the fire clean and tidy. Such tools are used with an open fire as well as with a stove. Open fire tools often consist of the following parts:

  • fireplace pliers: with a pair of pliers the logs can be grabbed and moved. A good grip of the pliers is important. The pliers should also be long enough.
  • Stove poker: with a fireplace poker the fire can be boiled up with more oxygen and the fire burns better. The stove poker can also be used to move the logs.
  • Ash shovel: with an ash shovel, the ash can be scooped out of the fireplace, whether or not from the ash drawer. This also allows more oxygen to reach the fire. Of course, the ash pan should not get too full either.
  • Brush: the direct surroundings of the fireplace or stove can become dirty, among other things by using the above mentioned fire tools. With a hairbrush this can be tidied up neatly.
  • bouffadou or bellows: by using a blowpipe/bouffadou or bellows extra oxygen can be ‘blown’ into the fire.
    The above mentioned fire tools can be stored near the fireplace or stove in various ways: loose in a basket or as a stove set by means of hangers, beams or uprights.

Fire toolset material

Because fire tools must of course be fire resistant, they are almost always made of metal, especially brass, wrought iron and polished steel. A combination of these metals also occurs, mostly from a decorative point of view. Also, the color black is very favorite with a fireplace set.

Antique fireplace toolsets showroom

‘t Achterhuis has a huge collection of more than 500 fireplace accessories, including fire sets and fireplace sets, consisting of various fireplace tools. A small part of our range of fireplace sets can be viewed online, but to select the right fireplace set and possibly other fireplace accessories, it is best to visit our showroom in Udenhout!

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