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Cast iron fireplates.

Especially in winter there is nothing better than a well heated room with a crackling open fire in front of the stove. A beautiful, antique fireplace should not be missing. Not only does this heat-resistant plate protect the back wall from cracking and crumbling, but it is also a beautiful piece of jewelry for any interior. A fire plate is also called a backplate or stove plate.

Cast iron fireplates

Most of the time all fireplates are made of cast iron. These plates are therefore not only heat-resistant or refractory, but also ensure that the heat is absorbed that would otherwise be lost. Then the cast iron hearth plate also returns the heat back to the room. It can be compared to the function of a radiator. There are also fireplates without cast iron plates, but these are not nearly as effective. Of course, the material also determines the color of the cast iron fireplates. Usually this is black, gray or brown.

Buying a new or old fireplate

If you are going to buy a fireplate plate you can buy one at ‘t Achterhuis from about € 120,-. The price depends mainly on how old or rare the fireplate is. Our fireplates are mostly from the 18th to the 20th century, but we have older and completely new fireplates.

Besides the price, the size is of course also an important factor. The sizes range from 40 x 40 cm to even large antique castle fireplates of 120 x 120 cm. Possibly it is even possible to buy not an antique but a new custom made fireplate. Such heat-resistant plates fit in every interior.

The antique fireplates are mostly from France and come from old castles, country houses and other striking buildings. But Germany, Belgium and England are also important sources for our collection of fireplates. The fireplates are available in various styles. The country from which the fireplate originates is of course very decisive in this respect. Some common styles:

  • Louis XIV
  • Rococo/Louis XV
  • Neoclassical
  • Neo-styles/Victorian
  • Gothic
  • Renaissance
  • Louis XIII
  • Jugendstil/Art Nouveau

Antique fireplates showroom

‘t Achterhuis has an enormous collection of more than 300 fireplates, which vary in size, origin and style. All fireplates have been cleaned and neatly put in stove polish. A large selection can be viewed online, but to choose the right fireplate, it is best to visit our showroom in Udenhout! Here you will also find a large collection of other fireplace accessories, such as firebucks, fire screens and fire grates.

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