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‘t Achterhuis has a large assortment of andirons, both old and new. Andirons are also called firebucks or simply fire dogs. They provide better aeration and combustion. The elevation ensures that air can reach the fire from all sides. Also, the logs cannot just roll out of the fireplace. In addition to these practical functions, andirons also serve simply as decoration.

Wrought iron andirons

Andirons are made of iron, mostly wrought or cast iron. From the 17th century onwards, the iron andirons are increasingly provided with bronze and brass. This creates a nice contrast between the decorative materials and the iron.

Buy new or old andirons

A set of andirons is approximately for sale at ‘t Achterhuis from € 75 and can run up to several thousands. The price is mainly determined by how old, large or rare the andirons are. Just like our fireplates, the andirons are mostly from the 18th to 20th century, but we also have older and completely new andirons. The antique andirons are mostly from France from special buildings, such as castles and mansions. The andirons are available in various styles, such as Louis XIV, Rococo and Victorian.

Antique andirons showroom

‘t Achterhuis has quite a collection of more than 50 pairs of andirons or firebucks, which vary in material, size, origin and style. A large selection can be viewed online, but to select the right andirons a visit to our showroom in Udenhout is definitely worthwhile. In addition to andirons, you will also find a large collection of other fireplace accessories, such as fireplates, fire screens and fire grates. The best thing is to match these to create a beautiful whole. Also ‘t Achterhuis has several gas blocks with matching sets of wood, bark, pine cones and coal. These are indistinguishable from the real thing.

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