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Fire grate

An old-fashioned fireplace is only complete with a heating grid or fire grate. A grate is actually located in the fireplace, in the so-called combustion chamber, above the possible ash drawer. On top of this, the logs are placed for combustion. Fire grates are designed very open, so that there is a good oxygen supply, which naturally benefits the combustion.

Fire grate cast iron

Like many fireplace accessories that are needed in or near the fire, fire grates are usually made of cast iron. A cast iron fire grate is so strong that almost no deformation can occur. However, even a cast iron grate can deform a little in the extreme heat. Fortunately, ‘t Achterhuis always has enough cast iron fire grates in stock.

Antique fire grates showroom

‘t Achterhuis has a huge collection of more than 500 fireplace accessories, including grates, fireplates and andirons. The large variety in size, origin and style can partly be viewed online, but to choose the right fire grate, it’s best to visit our showroom in Udenhout! To complete the fireplace, ‘t Achterhuis has various fireplace accessories, such as sets of wood, bark, pine cones and coal. Indistinguishable from the real thing.

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