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Old floor boards

Whether you are looking for old French oak wagon parts or long and wide rustic oak planks,
‘t Achterhuis undoubtedly has floorboards in stock to suit your needs. For years we have been collecting old and antique wooden floor boards from barracks, castles, wagons and country houses, but it is also possible to choose outdated floor boards. The floorboards get the look and feel of the 18th or 19th century.

Wagon parts

Also the famous old oak planks from railway wagons are still popular. These planks are also called wagon planks. These oak wagon planks have functioned for many years in quite extreme conditions and therefore have a unique, robust appearance. The wagon boards have been additionally dried, so that the planks are excellent for indoor floors.

Wide wooden oak planks

Our wide, rustic oak planks are up to 30 cm wide and 550 cm long and therefore suitable for many applications. Wide floorboards give an exclusive look to any room. Another advantage of extra wide floorboards is that the wood drawing is more complete and thus the influence of nature is more clearly visible.

Aged plank floors

Old plank floors are offered in many capacities. Sometimes these are unprocessed plank floors, but mostly old boards are first planed, brushed and sometimes colored. Because the wooden floors are often not sanded, but rather planed, the plank floor gets a lively effect. The grain structure remains clearly visible. This effect is further enhanced by brushing an old plank floor. In this way, the soft wood between the grain is beaten away. In addition, it is possible to give the old floorboards a color of your choice. In this way, old or outdated plank floors fit into any interior.

Old and outdated floorboards at the ‘t Achterhuis

We have more than 100 types of old and aged wooden floors in stock, coloured or natural. The collection in our showroom varies greatly and on this page you can see some examples of old plank floors. ‘t Achterhuis has its own workshop where the old floorboards are processed and aged oak floorboards can be aged and colored into an exclusive floor in a special way. For example, it is possible to get the look and feel of an 18th or 19th century floor. For the complete current stock it is best to visit our showroom in Udenhout. By the way, you can always choose to lay the old floorboards yourself or have them processed by our skilled floor layers.

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