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't Achterhuis has a permanent collection of about 350 fireplaces.

Of the approximately 350 fireplaces near ‘t Achterhuis, about 150 are made of sandstone. The range of antique sandstone fireplaces on offer changes every month, or every day, because we are constantly looking for new special objects. Most of the old sandstone fireplaces are from Europe and especially from France. We are always actively looking for new acquisitions and dare to say that you will never find a similar range of sandstone fireplaces in this size and variety. Antique sandstone fireplaces can be subdivided according to type, origin or period and colour.

Types of sandstone fireplaces

Sandstone fireplaces or decorative fireplaces are known by various names. In fact, there are 2 types of old sandstone fireplaces: fireplace surrounds that are placed against and in front of the chimney breast and fireplace surrounds that are wider than the chimney breast and go around it. When wishes for sizes or models become very specific, customization is also possible. For this purpose we have stonemasons in France who, using traditional methods, make various models completely to measure from original French stone. These hand-cut fireplaces are very affordable and beautiful to look at. As far as the material is concerned, a distinction can be made between coarse sandstone and fine sandstone.

The sandstone fireplace has a broad range of models and uses. For instance as a kitchen fireplace but also as a castle fireplace. As the names suggests, the former is usually smaller and the other quite big.

Sand-lime fireplace

Old sandstone fireplaces are also called sand-lime fireplaces or limestone fireplaces. Limestone is still widely used in architecture because of its hardness and strength and is therefore the basic material for these fireplace surrounds. When this stone is processed by hand, these sandstones are also called hand-cut sandstone fireplaces.

White sandstone fireplace or more beige?

A sand-lime fireplace is almost always made of French limestone. Just like the marble fireplaces the origin is in France. Because of the popularity of these fireplaces in the 18th and 19th century, there are many skilled stonemasons to work with these decorative fireplaces.

A typical antique sandstone fireplace has a gray-white to beige color. The whitest variant is also called white stone. White stone fireplaces are very popular.

Handmade custom fireplaces

We also offer authentic artisan made sandstone fireplaces. Custom models and sizes made by our craftsmen from new and old stone.

Building in old sandstone fireplaces

The sandstone fireplaces offered by ‘t Achterhuis have been fully checked, cleaned and, if necessary, restored by expert restorers. These can be installed on site by our experienced fireplace builders. A sandstone fireplace can be installed in combination with an open fire or a stove. Of course it is always possible to carry out the assembly yourself.

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