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't Achterhuis has a permanent collection of about 350 fireplaces.

Besides marble and sandstone fireplaces, ‘t Achterhuis also has several antique wooden fireplaces in its assortment. This is the smallest subcategory in the product category fireplaces, but certainly not the least special. Especially the beautiful carvings make an old wooden fireplace a beautiful eye-catcher in the interior. Every day we search for beautiful objects to complete this part of the assortment. Usually these examples come from old mansions and government buildings in France.

Types of wooden fireplaces

Antique wooden fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes. Wooden fireplaces actually always embellish a certain room and are therefore called wooden decorative fireplaces. A distinction can be made between wooden fireplaces and wooden mantelpieces. In most cases, by the way, it is possible to turn a fireplace conversion into a fireplace insert. Wooden fireplaces are many either small and simple or large and rich.

Origin and periods

A wooden mantelpiece actually became popular in the same period as the famous marble and sandstone fireplaces, mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is mainly due to the fact that at the time of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis VI the best stone cutters were invited to the French court to carve exclusive fireplaces made of rare Italian and French marble. Soon, of course, woodworkers saw bread in this and were able to offer a cheaper alternative.

The antique wooden fireplaces were mainly made of French oak. Occasionally we come across exclusive types of wood, such as burr walnut, but oak fireplaces stand out here head and shoulders above the rest.

Placing a wooden fireplace

With a lot of luck we will find a wooden fireplace that is still completely intact and immediately suitable for sale. In most cases, however, the wooden fireplaces still need to be thoroughly checked by our skilled restorers. The wooden fireplace is kept as original as possible, but sometimes it is still necessary to clean the wooden fireplace and repair damaged parts.

Depending on whether it’s a conversion chimney or mantelpiece, we pre-assemble the chimney, so it often only consists of a part. This makes placing the fireplace a lot easier. In most cases we choose to use our professional fireplaces. They have many years of experience with the installation of antique wooden fireplaces. In this process a stone fire mouth is bricked.

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