Striking features of the classic country cottage style are the block windows and the lacquered facade cladding.

Red-brown French tiles were used as roofing. These Burgundian tiles are laid crosswise on top of each other so that only 1/3 is visible. This gives the roof the authentic, rural look that is so decisive for the cottage style.

Of course, this typical style was also implemented inside. Yet not much use was made of actual old building materials but new handmade variants because they fit better with the classic English style. For example, we didn’t deliver rough antique stone fireplaces, but new, custom made fireplaces with or without the “the Duke” logo. The authentic brickwork from the outside was used to form the fire mouth. Furthermore, the most beautiful marble, oak planks and parquets were used.

For the English cottage style is also important the use of wood inside. That’s why the oak beams in the bedrooms have remained visible. The rough brutal oak contrasts with the many luxurious materials and soft fabrics such as silk and velvet.

This project was finished down to the smallest detail.