Product nr.SM01

Supermat, sealant for tiles

Price: € 24,79 p/jug (2,5ltr) excl. vat
Attention; only send by post per full box of 4 jugs, see description.

With our well-known liquid wax, Supermat (full matte) and Superfix (silk gloss, found here), impregnate and maintain porous tile floors. Porous tile floors are baked tiles as for example antique tiles, but also for various soft natural stone floors such as Burgundy dales.

For hard stone floor tiles such as church halls and Belgian hard stone, use the liquid Trapp abbey soap.

This page explains exactly how and when you should apply which products.

Below you can order Supermat directly, per 4 jugs of 2.5 ltr in 1 box. Including shipping costs are € 115.70 excl. tax (€ 140 incl. tax), within The Netherlands.

Upon receipt of your order you will receive an invoice by email which you can transfer by bank.

Once the invoice amount has been booked, we will prepare the box for shipping and send it to you by post.

Of course the jugs are also available at the counter in our showroom.

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