Product nr.CSE01

Castle Stones Terra Stones

Price: from € 139,50 p/m² excl. vat
(excl. installation materials) > 20m²
Dimensions (h x w x d): ± 20 x 20 cm

Original Castle Stones
Model Terra Stones (terracotta).
Only 8mm thick.
Every order complete with all installation materials.
9 possible colors (each with 3 nuances).
Ideal for floor-heating or to install over an existing floor.
Other models are Loft, Bricks, Cobble Stones and Dalle.

The Castle Stones tiles developed by Maurits Simonette are hand-crafted replicas of original antique marble and limestone tiles which originate from historic Flemish, French, and Italian mansions, villas, castles, monasteries, and churches.

For an authentic baked alternative see our rustic smothered terracotta tiles.


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