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Cast iron radiators

A cast iron radiator is of course an old-fashioned heating par excellence, but very popular because of its elegant appearance in the living room, kitchen or bathroom. In addition, cast iron radiators provide a more regular distribution of heat. A retro radiator is available in various sizes and designs.

New cast iron radiators can be assembled in height and width. Here you can choose some options, such as 2-column radiators or 3-column radiators and whether or not painted. The range of second-hand radiators comes from old farms, mansions and government buildings at home and abroad. Because of this, our supply of old radiators changes regularly, but there is always plenty of choice.

Radiator on legs

Because the radiator is made of cast iron, the heating is almost always executed as a radiator on legs. The classic radiator because of the material is too heavy to hang easily. Such a cast iron radiator on legs is almost always equipped with glass feet. This has the advantage that no corrosion and rust staines can occur on the surface. Especially with a surface that is regularly mopped, this could occur in the long run.

Antique radiator tap

An antique radiator has a matching antique radiator valve. Such a retro radiator valve or tap set is available separately. By the way, the ‘t Achterhuis also has a complete range of sanitary ware with, for example, nostalgic taps and cast iron baths. A nostalgic radiator is of course best expressed in a tuned environment with attributes in the same style.

Cast iron radiator showroom

‘t Achterhuis has a wide range of antique radiators and old-fashioned stoves that are supplied from stock. New cast iron radiators, for example of the brand Belle Epoque, can be supplied to order. Only a limited part of our offer is online for inspiration. In our physical radiator showroom we have several example bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms that are finished with cast iron radiators. ‘t Achterhuis has a wide range of antique building materials, furniture and home accessories. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to admire the entire selection of radiators and heaters in real life.

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