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Big garden vases

Various garden pots and garden vases have been set up on the outside grounds of ‘t Achterhuis. The large garden vases are available in different materials. Especially the cast iron vases are very popular. The cast iron vases are often offered in combination with a cast iron pedestal. The antique vases can be provided with beautiful flower arrangements, but even without this extra they are a nice addition to the garden. The garden vases are often finished in such a way that they can easily be labeled as decorative vases.

Stone garden pots

The small and large garden pots are also mainly available in stone and cast iron versions. Most of our outdoor pots are the stone version in the form of large stone garden pots, planters or flower pots. Some of these antique pots are a representation in themselves with very detailed drawings, colors and treatments. So are the Anduze pots, which are described below.

L’Anduze pots

A special pot for the garden is the Anduze pot. This garden pot originates from the Languedoc, a region in the South of France. Originally the Anduze pots were used to plant citrus trees. This way, the Anduze pots could easily be moved inside in the winter. Nowadays the Anduze pots are not only found in French mansions, but are used to decorate many gardens at home and abroad. The Anduze pots are available in various sizes and colors.

Rather loose, on a pedestal or with a column?

The graceful garden vases and garden pots often have a beautiful appearance on their own. However, you can also choose to combine them with a pedestal or column. In this way the vase or pot is literally placed on a pedestal and can be viewed at eye level. The shape and size of a vase or pot can vary a lot. Common combinations are a cast iron garden vase on a pedestal and a stone garden pot on a column. Which combination do you prefer?

Buy old garden vases or garden pots at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a changing collection of more than 200 garden pots and garden vases in all shapes and sizes. They are mainly large stone pots and beautiful cast iron outdoor vases. These are available separately or as a set. Often the pots and vases are used for decoration in gardens or parks. You can also contact us for other garden accessories, such as garden statues, ornaments, fountains and garden furniture. There is also a wide range of antique building materials, furniture and home accessories. Only a part of these can be found online for inspiration. For the best advice and complete range you can visit our showroom in Udenhout where many garden products are displayed in our park.

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