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Old troughs and wells

A trough is a large, wide feeding trough or drinking trough, which used to be used in animal husbandry. Especially for feeding pigs, sheep and horses, troughs were widely used. In that case you also speak of a pig trough, sheep trough or horse trough. These old feeding troughs sometimes consist of iron, but often of stone or concrete. Two special types of stone that were used for a stone trough are Arduin and Bentheimer sandstone.

An arduin trough consists of Belgian bluestone and is also called bluestone because of its characteristic blue color. The base is limestone and used to be widely used because of its hard and dense properties. See for example also our bluestone floor tiles.

A Bentheimer trough consists of Bentheimer sandstone and is a pure and relatively solid sandstone with an even structure. This makes the material suitable for many purposes. The name Bentheimer originates from the place where the sandstone was extracted, namely in the quarries in the County of Bentheim in Germany.

Stone water trough for the garden

An old trough or large water trough can of course serve as a beautiful decoration of the garden. For example, such a water trough can be converted into a water ornament with a beautiful waterfall or with soothing running water. A somewhat smaller trough is also called a washing trough and can be used for example in an outdoor kitchen. Of course a stone water trough can also be used as a flower trough.

But even without adjustments we regularly see our customers placing an old trough or water basin in the garden for decoration. In some cases the trough even serves as a feeding trough or drinking trough for animals.

Water well

Nowadays, old wells or rock wells are of course no longer needed. At least, no longer in our immediate environment and no longer needed as an actual source of water. However, an old well is very nice to see and with enough space in the garden an absolute must! An old well is also often used as a flower box.

Old troughs, water basins and wells near ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of troughs, old water basins and wells. These are suitable for many decorative or practical purposes. Besides troughs, water wells and old bins, you can also come to us for other garden ornaments, but also building materials, furniture and home accessories. Online you will find only a part of our products. For the best advice and the most up to date offer, please visit our showroom in Udenhout. Here we present dozens of rooms, including a large park, with various setups where troughs, bins and wells are of course not lacking.

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