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Great statues

Large garden statues made of stone or iron are not only suitable for large parks or sculpture gardens. Our statues, which we collect from all over the world, can now be found in various large and small gardens. The large variety of garden statues at ‘t Achterhuis ensures that you can always find a nice garden statue for that one beautiful spot… For example, the statues consist of very diverse representations of a garden statue with angels, crucifixes, animals or specific objects. The statues are also made of different materials with their unique properties, including sandstone, marble, cast iron and even bronze.

Bronze garden statues

Bronze statues are still very much in demand, both indoors and outdoors. Not for nothing, of course. Bronze garden statues have an exclusive and precious appearance. In addition, the artist can indulge himself in the details of the show. The price depends on the size and whether the sculpture is made in a limited edition.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. The two best known techniques for making bronze sculptures are the lost wax method and the sand casting method. No less than 20 different working phases are needed to get from model to finished bronze statue. We won’t explain them all here, but it says enough about the craftsmanship needed to make a bronze statue.

Garden sculptures animals

In many garden statues animals have been incorporated or the whole statue is a representation of a specific animal. This of course also has to do with the fact that garden statues are in a natural environment and combines well with outdoor animals. Think of the garden statue of a sheep or deer. In addition, the garden statues of animals often symbolize something. For example, statues of lions and dogs are often placed at the entrance to watch over the terrain and symbolize strength and courage. Images of birds are often very graceful and serve mainly for decoration, while an eagle statue is known as the bird of birds and stands for power.

Buying large garden statues at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of more than 100 large garden statues, ranging from a sandstone lion to a bronze statue on a pedestal. The garden statues are ideal for decoration in gardens or parks. In addition to large statues you can also come to us for other garden ornaments, but also for example antique fireplaces, bricks and old doors. Online is only a part of our assortment included for inspiration. For the best advice and complete range, please visit our showroom in Udenhout. We present our garden statues in a large park.

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