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Antique garden ornaments

The term ‘ornament’ originates from Latin. Ornare’ and ‘ornamentum’ mean decoration and ornament respectively. A garden ornament is therefore a decoration for the garden and this can be done with many objects. The assortment of garden ornaments is therefore very diverse at ‘t Achterhuis. Apart from garden statues, pots and vases, containers, troughs and wells, the category garden ornaments consists of among other things:

  • old pedestals, also in combination with other garden ornaments
  • stone or marble pillars
  • corner posts
  • old millstones
  • antique wind dials and sundials

Large pedestal

A pedestal is a bottom piece where an object can literally be placed on a pedestal. Usually this object is a sculpture in the shape of a garden statue, sundial or wind vane. ‘t Achterhuis has a wide variety of pedestals for outdoor use, varying in material and size. Most old pedestals consist of stone, including sandstone pedestals, marble pedestals and Belgian bluestone pedestals. However, we also have cast iron pedestals in stock. Usually a pedestal ensures that an object can be viewed at eye level, but the shape and size can vary a lot.

Antique wind vane or sundial

In addition to decoration, garden ornaments can also serve a practical purpose. For example, the wind direction can be determined with a single glance in the garden and it remains fun to determine the time with the help of an antique sundial. Usually, an antique wind vane or old sundial is only complete in combination with a matching pedestal.

Old millstone

The Netherlands is of course known for its mills, which used to grind grains with the help of wind power. Now parts of the mills are used for decoration. An old millstone comes in many shapes and is a nice decoration!

Buying antique garden ornaments at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of more than 100 garden ornaments, varying from a bluestone pedestal to an antique sundial on a pedestal. The small and large garden ornaments are very suitable for decoration in gardens or parks. Besides the described garden ornaments you can also find other garden articles, such as statues, fountains, wells and pumps. But also for building materials and interiors, such as antique fireplaces, bricks and furniture. Online you will find only a part of the assortment for inspiration. For the best advice and complete range, please visit our showroom in Udenhout. We present our garden ornaments in a large park.

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