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Antique garden fountain

‘t Achterhuis collects antique building materials from all over the world all year round. This also applies to the antique fountains and old pumps. A large part of the stone fountains comes from France and Belgium. Typical of a French fountain is its graceful and classic appearance and made of sandstone which of course can be a wonderful addition to the garden. From Belgium come the natural stone fountains and especially made of Belgian bluestone. There are also marble and even cast iron fountains. Each type of material provides a distinct appearance and has several advantages and disadvantages. Usually, the state and performance is the main reason when buying a fountain. ‘t Achterhuis has a huge collection of old fountains and pumps, which can be roughly divided into the following groups:

  • wall fountains
  • gargoyles
  • wall fountains
  • water fountains
  • water scales
  • water pumps

From stone wall fountain to gargoyle

A large part of the antique fountains are stone wall fountains or wall fountains. The practical advantage is that these old fountains can be placed on the edge of a garden. Because of this, a wall fountain does not take up a lot of space. Another advantage is the water supply. This can be done with an antique wall fountain both through the ground and the wall.

A typical wall fountain is placed directly on the wall, with the water supply also running through the wall. Usually the stone wall fountains or wall fountains contain a special gargoyle. A gargoyle is the part where the water comes out, for example in the form of a lion’s head or an angel.

Cast iron water pump

For a pond or small fountain, an old-fashioned hand water pump is also often chosen, usually a cast iron water pump. In this case, the function of the old pump can be left intact, so that it remains possible to pump by hand. It is also possible to use an old water pump purely as a gargoyle.

Antique fountains and water pumps at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of more than 100 antique fountains and old water pumps. These are ideal for decorative purposes, such as an ornate wall fountain in the garden or gargoyle in the pond. Besides fountains and pumps you can also find other garden ornaments, but also building materials, furniture and home accessories. Online is only part of our assortment included for inspiration. For the best advice and complete, current range, please visit our showroom in Udenhout. We present our garden products in a large park with various configurations of fountains and water pumps.

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