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Spiral staircase or winding staircase?

‘t Achterhuis always has dozens of old stairs in stock. These are both old wooden stairs, wrought iron stairs and natural stone stairs suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Spiral staircase

A very typical old staircase is surely the antique spiral staircase. The spiral staircase can be recognized by the central ‘pivot’ around which the staircase revolves. Often steel spiral staircases or spiral staircases are also called spiral staircases, but it is precisely the spindle that determines this. Usually the spiral staircase is made entirely of iron, but we also have wooden spiral staircases and combinations in which wood is used in the steps or banister. An iron spiral staircase is also often referred to as a metal or wrought iron spiral staircase and is virtually indestructible.

You can buy these spiral staircases both new and second-hand from us, where the used spiral staircases have been completely renovated. The spiral staircases and other old staircases originate for the most part from lush buildings in the major cities of France, such as Paris, Dijon, Mirecourt, Versailles and Reims. The price of an spiral staircase depends on various aspects, such as the age, size and finishes of, for example, the banister and balustrade.

Besides the spiral staircase, the supply of old stairs is much larger. For example, there are old wooden ornamental stairs in both round and straight versions. The type of wood used is mainly oak. A spiral staircase actually immediately gives a graceful impression, a straight antique staircase looks very stately again. Over the years, the range has grown so much that there is always a staircase that meets your needs.

Stone steps and natural stone stairs

In addition to iron and wooden staircases, the range of staircases also consists partly of natural stone staircases. These are mostly stairs made of granite or bluestone (Belgian bluestone) and can be executed with or without a platform. Besides full granite or natural stone stairs, you can also buy hard stone steps from us. Stone steps are also ideal for outdoor use in the garden. The stone steps are available in various sizes, such as a set of 3 to full stone stairs.

Stairs showroom in Udenhout

‘t Achterhuis always has dozens of spiral staircases and other old staircases and steps in stock. New stairs can always be ordered in any size and version. Online you will find only a part of our nostalgic stairs. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to come and admire the range of stairs in real life. A part of these stairs is mounted in a matching living setting with for example a Belgian bluestone floor and antique furniture for inspiration, the other stairs are in the storage rooms or are being renovated in the workshop.

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