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Old porch or door frame

In our outdoor areas there is a wide range of antique, old and historic porches, entrances and door frames of various materials. A door frame or porch generally consists of 3 parts:

  • pilasters or half columns, or the vertical part
  • lintel, i.e. the horizontal part at the top
  • door sill, i.e. the horizontal part at the bottom

The sills and pilasters together form a whole and can be made of various materials. Most of the porches at ‘t Achterhuis are made of Belgian bluestone or sandstone.

Porch of Arduin

A Belgian bluestone porch remains enormously popular for the frame of an exterior door and especially the front door. An old door frame made of natural stone of course just gives that authentic look. For this reason, we see more and more often that historical building materials are used in new, modern houses.

Belgian bluestone is also called Arduin or bluestone and has a blue-grey color. The hue is determined by the amount of carbon in the stone. Arduin has been used as a building material for many years because of its robust, durable characteristics and yet its beautiful appearance. In addition to Arduin porches and door frames, this type of material is also used in wall and floor tiles and fireplaces, for example.

Custom door frame

‘t Achterhuis always has dozens of porches in stock. The question is of course whether these match the size of the front door or other exterior door. If desired, it is always possible to customize certain parts of the door frame.

In addition to the 3 parts mentioned above, our door frames can also be supplied with steps or base plate. You can also choose from many columns, pillars, bluestone gate posts with gate hats, sandstone ornaments and many more antique building materials to complete the project.

Porch or door frame in Udenhout

‘t Achterhuis always has dozens of porches and/or door frames with matching building materials in stock. Online you will only find a part of our old porches. We would therefore like to invite you to visit our showroom in Udenhout to come and admire the range of door frames in real life. Most of them are installed on our outdoor sites or storage areas, a part is being renovated in the workshop.

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