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Antique gates

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of antique gates and fences. The assortment is very diverse and ranges from large antique gates from castles to smaller walking gates. Besides the size, the gates also differ in the ‘version’. There are tight wrought iron gates, but also very rich cast iron gates with beautiful decorations.

The gates can be machined according to your wishes, including:

  • restored
  • sandblasted
  • “geschoopeerd”
  • coated with primer
  • lacquered with for example black or green lacquer

We can also introduce you to someone who can (electrically) install the gate for you.

Iron garden gate

Usually our iron gates are used at the entrance on a yard or garden border. In that case you can of course speak of an iron garden gate. Often garden gates are also called entrance gates. Besides iron garden gates we also always have some wooden entrance gates. A wooden gate often requires a little more maintenance, but often closed to prevent inspection.

Double gate

Especially with larger fences, there is often the desire for a double gate, whether or not in combination with a walkway. Often a double gate consists of double gate doors, so that a large access is possible for example for larger vehicles.

Gates and gate doors

Usually it takes some effort to open a large gate, especially when it is not electrically operated. When there is a lot of walking or cycling traffic, it is for this reason often opted for a walking gate or extra gate door. Safety can also be a reason. By properly closing the large gate doors and keep the gate open, larger vehicles can be excluded.

Buying old iron gates in Udenhout

‘t Achterhuis always has dozens of old iron gates in stock. Online only a part of these antique gates is shown. We would therefore like to invite you to visit our showroom in Udenhout to admire the full range of old gates, but also doors, windows and many other historical building materials in real life. The largest part is set up on our outdoor sites or storage rooms, a part is being renovated in the workshop.

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