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Balcony fences

‘t Achterhuis always has a changing collection of beautiful balcony fences, balcony balustrades and balcony railings for sale. Part of these are unrestored, another part is fully restored and varnished. Sometimes adaptations to a balcony fence can be discussed. For example, it often happens that we make an adjustment to the attachment. Balcony fences, antique or not, come in many shapes and sizes, which vary:

  • shape: straight or curved/round
  • decoration: from no ornaments to very beautiful ornaments
  • material: mostly wrought iron or cast iron

The difference between a wrought iron balcony fence and a cast iron balcony fence is reflected in the strength, weight, degree of detail and price. As the name suggests, a cast iron balcony fence is cast in a mould and a wrought iron balcony fence forged with hammer and anvil. The forging makes a balcony fence stronger, somewhat heavier and often more expensive due to the intensive craftsmanship involved. However, it is less easy to process small details.

Balcony balustrades

For a balcony fence the term balcony balustrade is also used. A balustrade is basically a layer of fence or wall that protects against falls when there is a difference in height. In addition to decoration, this is of course also the function of a balcony balustrade. Such a fence used to be made up of balusters, another name for columns or bars. Nowadays a balcony balustrade with bars is often called a balcony railing..

French balcony

A very typical balcony is the French balcony. In fact, there is not really a balcony, because there is not to very little space to enter. Often it is a bedroom or other room with an inward swinging door on a higher floor. A French balcony fence is then mounted almost directly to the facade to prevent people from falling down.

Buy old balcony fences in Udenhout

‘t Achterhuis always has dozens of old balcony fences in stock. Online only a part of these balcony fences is shown. We would therefore like to invite you to visit our showroom in Udenhout to see the full range of old gates, but also doors, windows and many other historical building materials in real life. The largest part is set up on our outdoor sites or storage rooms, a part is being renovated in the workshop.

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