Product nr.OBW
Reclaimed old blue bricks called “Waaltjes”
Price: € 65,00 p/m² excl. tax from 20m²
/ € 75,00 p/m² excl. tax up to 20m²
Dimensions (h x w x d): ± 22,5 x 4,8 cm, 2 à 3 cm dik

Benaming: Old reclaimed blue waaltjes

Materiaal: Baked from clay

Kleur: Grey/blue

Type: Old handmade bricks, reclaimed

Periode: Aprox. 100yrs old

Leverbaar: From stock, packed on pallets

Opmerking: Our “Waaltjes” are old, reclaimed bricks and available in the size 22,5cm x 4,8cm x 2-3cm. The “waaltjes” got a typical grey/blue color. These old bricks were often used as flooring in Belgian farmsteads and Manoirs. As tiles they’re ideal for use with floor-heating and easy to keep clean. A very practical floor.


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