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Antique stoves

Old or antique stoves are still very much in demand in today’s interior. This often concerns an old cast iron wood stove to be able to fire in the winter months. ‘t Achterhuis has several old stoves in stock and it is even possible to dress them with a complete fireplace and fireplace accessories. Especially french stoves are chosen for this. Besides wood-burning stoves, ‘t Achterhuis also has old oil and gas stoves. Two special stoves are the pot-bellied stove and flat-bellied stove.

Antique pot-burning stove: old-Dutch stove made of cast iron, which in the first place was fired on coal.
Flat-bottomed stove, also known as leuvense or mechelse stove: stove where the flue gases are first passed through a room with cooking holes, so that it can be used as a stove.

Old stoves

The flat tube stove is a typical example of the combination stove and stove. It is, of course, very practical to combine obtaining heat with preparing food. This used to be done a lot in the past. An old stove is also called a cooking fire or cooking stove. Usually the stove was wood fired. ‘t Achterhuis is especially specialized in these old wood-burning stoves, but also coal-burning stoves are sometimes part of the changing offer. This also applies to antique gas stoves. The supply is mostly from old mansions, government buildings and farms in France. An old French stove is also referred to as an antique cuisinière.


‘t Achterhuis has a large range of cast iron wood stoves, old stoves and radiators that are supplied from stock. Only a limited part of our offer is online for inspiration. In our physical showroom we have several example living rooms and kitchens that are decorated with cast iron wood stoves and old stoves. ‘t Achterhuis has a large assortment of antique building materials, furniture and home accessories. We would like to invite you to visit our showroom to admire the entire selection of stoves and stoves in real life.

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