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Antique outside lamps old lighting at ‘t Achterhuis

Antique outdoor lamp

‘t Achterhuis has a complete range of antique or old outdoor lamps. With the right antique outdoor lamp it is possible to provide every outdoor space with just that little bit of extra atmosphere. The beautiful design provides a beautiful view, even when it’s light. Once turned on in the dark, an old outdoor lamp creates beautiful light effects and atmosphere. A typical antique lamp is the lantern and especially the cast iron lamppost. In the next paragraph you can read more about the assortment and origin. Besides old lanterns, ‘t Achterhuis also has several other old-fashioned outdoor lighting, such as standing outdoor lamps and hanging wall lamps. Because of the wide range, you can choose from various sizes and designs for an antique outdoor lamp.

Cast iron lamppost

Very popular is still the classic cast iron lamppost. At ‘t Achterhuis we have both new and old lanterns. The antique lampposts, mostly cast iron lampposts, vary greatly in assortment and stock. The new, nostalgic lanterns are indistinguishable from the old ones and are available in various designs. For example, they can be lacquered in coach green and provided with a nice copper cap or rusted version.

Besides lanterns without poles, old lanterns without poles are also very popular. Think of the separate antique lanterns for on the table or on the ground, but also as a standing or hanging outdoor lamp.

Nostalgic outdoor lighting

Old or antique outdoor lamps are also called vintage or nostalgic outdoor lamps. In other words, old outdoor lighting where you get a nostalgic feeling and this is really not just something for the old-fashioned taste of grandma and grandpa. Nostalgic outdoor lighting is in fact embraced by more and more people. We choose exterior with a story and bring the charm of the past back to our garden.

Antique outdoor lamps and old lighting at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of antique and old outdoor lamps. Some of them would be called old-fashioned outdoor lighting by many people, which sounds a bit negative. But who wouldn’t want a set of cast iron lanterns or an old outdoor lamp in the garden? Besides antique outdoor lamps you can also contact us for garden ornaments, building materials, furniture and home accessories. Online you will find only a part of our nostalgic outdoor lamps. For the best advice and most current offers, please visit our showroom in Udenhout. Here we present dozens of spaces, including a large park, with various configurations where atmospheric, antique outdoor lighting is of course not lacking.

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