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Unique garden furniture

‘t Achterhuis has a unique collection of garden furniture. The largest part consists of old or antique garden furniture. Often these are one-off pieces. This authentic garden furniture consists of a variety of garden tables, garden benches and garden chairs or complete garden sets. Especially French garden furniture is very popular. Below you will find further explanation about these product categories.

Large garden tables

For unique garden tables you are definitely at the right address at ‘t Achterhuis. For example, you will find complete bluestone garden tables, but also antique garden tables with Belgian bluestone top and wooden frame. Our old and new garden tables are available in various sizes, usually with lengths of about two to four meters, so especially large garden tables. For the frame of the garden table is also a lot of wood or iron used which makes the overall construction slightly lighter and more manageable. In addition, the combination of different materials is also more beautiful, but this is mainly a matter of taste.

Antique cast iron garden bench?

Of course, a large garden table also includes matching garden furniture, for example in the form of garden chairs or a garden bench. There are also garden or park benches in various designs. For example, you can choose a teak garden bench with steel legs, a complete stone garden bench or an antique cast iron garden bench. Also French garden benches are still very popular. Below you will find more information about the French garden furniture.

French garden furniture

France reminds many people of sunny times, cozy cafes and therefore especially a wonderful outdoor life. Who wouldn’t want to get that same feeling in their own garden? The climate in the Netherlands is difficult to influence but it is of course possible to buy French garden furniture! By the way, there is a lot of variation. Think of a real antique French garden bench or French garden table completely made of French sandstone. But also a cozy French terrace table with cast iron garden chairs.

Buy antique garden furniture at ‘t Achterhuis

‘t Achterhuis has a large collection of more than 50 pieces of garden furniture, ranging from a stone garden table to an antique French garden bench. The small and large garden ornaments are perfect for decoration in gardens or parks. Besides the above type of garden furniture you can also contact us for other garden items, such as garden statues, garden ornaments, fountains, wells and pumps. There is also a wide range of antique building materials and interior items, such as furniture and home accessories. Online you will find only a part of the assortment for inspiration. For the best advice and complete range, please visit our showroom in Udenhout.

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