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Cast iron poles and stone columns or pillars

‘t Achterhuis has a continuous collection of dozens of gateways and columns. The decorative posts are mostly made of cast iron and available in various heights and with various decorations. The stone variants are often referred to as columns. The stone pillars are also available in various sizes and can consist of various types of stone, such as sand-lime stone or Belgian bluestone. In addition, we also offer various supplies and materials to possibly build your own gate column to match your fencing. Think of a set of gate posts, but also loose gate feet, gate post covers, various bricks, etc.

Gate hats

Gate post covers are also called gate hats. These caps are available in various materials and designs. For example, there are fairly simple, small caps in, for example, wood or metal. But there are also large, specially designed stone caps, which are sometimes so beautiful that they are used as garden ornaments.

Old columns

For centuries columns have been used in architecture. Especially the Greeks have left their traces. Ancient columns are often divided into the following 3 types of columns:

  • Doric column
  • Ionic column
  • Corinthian pillar

The Doric column is the most simple and robust column with often a grooved column and unadorned capital.The capital is the top of the column. The Ionic column is especially recognizable by the large curly decorations on both sides of the capital. The Corinthian column is the most graceful old column and contains acanthus leaves near the capital.

Buying old gate posts and columns in Udenhout

‘t Achterhuis always has dozens of gate posts and old columns in stock. Online only a part of the decorative poles is shown. We would therefore like to invite you to visit our showroom in Udenhout to admire the full range of old gateways, poles and columns in real life. You will also find, for example, garden ornaments, stones and many other historical building materials. The largest part is set up in our park or in our outdoor areas or storage rooms, a part is renovated in the workshop.

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