RAW Stones Terpstra RAW Stones Terpstra RAW Stones Terpstra

RAW Stones Terpstra

Product no. RST01
Dimensions (H x W x D): 9 tot 14cm breed bij 17 tot 22cm lang


Original RAW Stones.
Terpstra Stones are imprints of original cobble stones. These come in varying sizes and incl. all installation materials.

RAW Stones are only 8mm to 10mm thick and come in 7 different colors, separately or mixed in any way desired. Ideal on floor heating systems.

RAW Stones are available in the following colors:

1        Concrete
2        Mud
3        Clay
4        Volcano
5        Fossil
6        Minural
7        Tunder

Raw Stones have been created in the search for new possibilities in authentic, characteristic flooring.


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